About BusySpring

BusySpring provides real time software development services. We create software for smart devices and network applications. Our goal is to help bring your innovative products to market. We specialize in real-time software for embedded systems and high performance network servers. We are also experts in maintaining, upgrading, and porting legacy code. Our approach uses Agile processes and tools applied with disciplined engineering principles.

A Different Services Model

More information about The BusySpring Process is on our Tech Notes page.

Development is planned around short-term, incremental software releases. The mean release cycle is 17 days for Agile development projects. We get software into the client’s hands early and often, which allows feedback during the entire development cycle; this early feedback provides flexibility in requirements management.

Our dedicated cloud-based project servers provide the foundation for our development and services models. The project server captures all project communications and work products. It hosts bug tracking, code repository, daily automated builds, and automated test results. Clients have unrestricted, 24/7 access to their project’s server, providing unprecedented transparency.

Fees are fixed-priced and based on release cycles to provide predictable budgeting. Fees are billed for each release when it is delivered to the client. We work remotely, but our fixed fee pricing, short release cycles, and 24/7 project access provides clients with confidence beyond the visibility of on-site hourly contractors.

For More Information

Contact: Harvey Sugar
(240) 704-9776